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Responsibility has always been embedded in our business – we have never separated it from our daily activities, decisions, and relationships. Meeting ever-changing stakeholder expectations and anticipating emerging risks, issues, and opportunities continues to be integral to our approach to operating an ethical and responsible business.


Our focus is on making a difference where it really matters while living up to all our responsibilities as a leading global biotech. As we continue to increase our focus on rare diseases, we know that our expertise and support need to be leveraged for the benefit of patients, their families, and their caregivers. For this reason, we have defined our long-term Responsibility ambition:

To change the course of the future for people with rare diseases and specialty conditions

Looking to the future is critically important to our ongoing success. With this in mind, we conducted an extensive internal stakeholder engagement exercise in 2015 to identify the most important Responsibility issues that will contribute to Shire’s success over the next five years. We identified three ambitious Responsibility priorities that have the potential to guide and differentiate us as we continue our transformation into a leading global biotechnology company. Over the coming months, we will work to define clear goals and metrics under each of these areas.

We will focus on three Responsibility priority areas:

1. Access to medicines

Our primary responsibility is to our patients – to develop effective therapies and help them access the medicines they need. We continue to focus on breaking down the barriers that limit access around the world. This involves developing new therapies, raising awareness, and increasing affordability for those in need. As a leader, we will collaborate with others in the industry to continue to make treatment available, accessible, and affordable.

2. People and culture

Our people are at the heart of our journey to becoming leading biotech. We know we can only achieve true success if we attract, develop, and retain world-class talent. We will continue to invest in the training and development of our colleagues to create a high-performance, healthy, and inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to excel.

3. Supporting our patients

Every day we strive to make a meaningful difference for the patients who count on us. This starts by understanding the unmet needs of patients and families affected by rare diseases and specialty conditions. It also requires that we raise awareness and provide evidence-based information so that patients can receive accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment. We can best achieve this by working together with others. Collaboration with patients and advocacy organizations in our key therapeutic areas plays a crucial role in improving patients’ lives.


Beyond our three strategic Responsibility priority areas, we continue to run our business in a responsible and ethical way. As a global business, we are accountable for the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our operations and the people who work in our supply chains.

We focus our responsible business efforts in the following areas:

1. Clinical trial transparency
Ensuring clinical trials are conducted compliantly and transparently.

2. Environment
Reducing carbon emissions through actively managing our energy consumption, waste disposal, and water intake.

3. Ethics and integrity
Upholding high standards of ethics and integrity in all that we do, including for bribery and corruption, bioethics, and marketing and advertising.

4. Supply chain
Ensuring suppliers commit to our Code of Ethics, and meet and maintain our high standards in other Responsibility areas such as health and safety, environment, and labor standards.

5. Local community engagement
Being a good neighbor and active partner in the communities in which we operate.

To read more about Shire’s approach to Responsibility, please download Shire’s 2015 Annual Responsibility Review.


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