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Annual Responsibility Review 2016


Chief Executive Officer's Letter

2016 was a transformative year for Shire

We are now the leading global biotechnology company in rare diseases. To support our leadership position, this year we embarked on a number of activities to improve our approach to Responsibility.

Flemming Ornskov, MD, MPH

2016 Performance Highlights



invested in targeted R&D during 2016



patients supported by our U.S. patient assistance programs



of total waste diverted from landfill



provided in educational grants



clinical programs in our development pipeline



spent on small businesses in the U.S. as part of our Supplier Diversity Program

Responsibility Materiality Matrix

A key component of our approach to Responsibility is looking to the future to identify opportunities where we can use our skills and resources for the greatest impact. To identify these opportunities, we carried out an extensive Responsibility materiality assessment to understand and prioritize our most important Responsibility issues.

The assessment reaffirmed the ongoing priority of improving access to medicine and ensuring product quality, safety, and efficacy. It also highlighted the importance of attracting and developing Shire’s talent, as well as operating in an ethical and transparent way.

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Responsibility categories
Supporting our patients
People and culture
Sustainable operations
Ethics and transparency
Ability of Shire to directly influence the issue
Rank of issue
81 - 20

Top 20 Responsibility Issues

External Stakeholder Inportance and Impact on Shire's business
External Stakeholder Inportance and Impact on Shire's business
1Access to MedicineSupporting our patients
3Innovation and R&DSupporting our patients
8Responsible Product UseSupporting our patients
9Clinical Trial Conduct and TransparencySupporting our patients
14Product CounterfeitsSupporting our patients
17Information Security and PrivacySupporting our patients
4Talent Attraction and DevelopmentPeople and culture
10Diversity and Equal OpportunityPeople and culture
11Engagement with Local CommunitiesPeople and culture
13Employee Health, Safety, and WellnessPeople and culture
2Product Quality, Safety, and EfficacySustainable operations
7Responsible Manufacturing and SourcingSustainable operations
12Environmental Management and GHG EmissionsSustainable operations
15Intellectual Property ProtectionSustainable operations
16Environmental Impacts of ProductsSustainable operations
5Ethical Business ConductEthics and transparency
6Governance, Accountability, and TransparencyEthics and transparency
18Human RightsEthics and transparency
19Animal WelfareEthics and transparency
20BioethicsEthics and transparency
Access to MedicineSupporting our patients1
Animal WelfareEthics and transparency19
BioethicsEthics and transparency20
Clinical Trial Conduct and TransparencySupporting our patients9
Diversity and Equal OpportunityPeople and culture10
Employee Health, Safety, and WellnessPeople and culture13
Engagement with Local CommunitiesPeople and culture11
Environmental Impacts of ProductsSustainable operations16
Environmental Management and GHG EmissionsSustainable operations12
Ethical Business ConductEthics and transparency5
Governance, Accountability, and TransparencyEthics and transparency6
Human RightsEthics and transparency18
Information Security and PrivacySupporting our patients17
Innovation and R&DSupporting our patients3
Intellectual Property ProtectionSustainable operations15
Product Counterfeits Supporting our patients14
Product Quality, Safety, and EfficacySustainable operations2
Responsible Product UseSupporting our patients8
Responsible Manufacturing and SourcingSustainable operations7
Talent Attraction and DevelopmentPeople and culture4

Maintaining the availability and provision of affordable medicines for all and ensuring that people who need treatments can access them, afford them, and know how to use them.

Protecting the health and welfare of animals to ensure they are not caused unnecessary pain or suffering and reducing the use of animals to the minimum number required.

Consideration for the moral and ethical implications in all aspects of research, innovation, product development and pricing, clinical testing, and marketing.

Undertaking scientifically controlled studies of the safety and effectiveness of therapies, as well as the responsible provision of clinical trial data in a way that safeguards the privacy of patients and preserves trust in regulatory systems.

Respect for and fair treatment of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical ability, and religious and political beliefs.

The creation of safe and comfortable working conditions for employees, including occupational health and safety management, access to medical services, provision for stress management, and improvements in physical wellbeing.

Developing positive and active relationships with local and therapeutic communities through charitable donations, employee volunteering, and support for partner organizations working to improve the wellbeing of these communities.

The direct and indirect impacts of products on the environment across the product lifecycle, from design, development, testing, and material sourcing to manufacturing, distribution, customer use, and end-of-life.

Using comprehensive and systematic management tools to identify, monitor, and manage material environmental issues, such as energy, waste, water, chemicals use, biodiversity, and resource scarcity.

Operating responsibly and transparently in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and company Codes of Conduct. This includes ethical and transparent communication, promotion, and marketing and sales of products and services, as well as efforts to prevent bribery and corruption among all employees.

Implementation of strong governance and accountability systems to manage risks, ensure transparency, and build trust in all aspects of operations and engagements with stakeholders.

Upholding and respecting rights inherent to all human beings, including, but not limited to, the rights to life, liberty, and equality, freedom from slavery and forced labor, and freedom of expression and association.

Protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Investing in innovation and research, including collaborating with stakeholders on research and development (R&D), sharing knowledge, and supporting diverse sales channels to sustain product pipelines and create pioneering innovations that target rare diseases.

Safeguarding any work, inventions, designs, or creations of the mind through trademarks, copyright, patents, and other methods that prevent illegal and uncredited iterations of work without proper attribute.

Protecting product integrity for the safety of patients and addressing counterfeits through consideration of risk management and strategy along the value chain.

Ensuring products and therapies are effective and safe for patient use, with limited side effects, and ensuring all safety and quality assurance standards are met.

Promoting the responsible use of drugs and therapies by patients to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks of negative impacts on the lives of the user and others.

Ensuring the consideration of ethical, quality, and health, safety, and environmental aspects in the procurement or sourcing of raw materials and the manufacturing of products across the entire supply chain.

Recruiting and retaining employees with the skills, experiences, and capabilities for the current and future success of the business, industry, and the wider economy.

Supporting our Patients


Every day, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients. We are committed to providing help and support to our patients in a number of ways. For example, in 2016, our U.S. patient assistance programs reached approximately 60,000 patients.

Access to medicines

We are dedicated to using our specialist expertise to develop innovative treatments that fulfill unmet patient needs. We are committed to improving access to these essential treatments by helping people get a correct and timely diagnosis. We also want to remove barriers that limit the availability and affordability of treatments for those who need them.


Awareness, advocacy, and responsible product use

One of our most important responsibilities is to share our knowledge to increase understanding of rare diseases. We are proud of our long history supporting patient advocacy organizations, helping them give patients a voice and building networks of individuals with similar conditions.

In 2016, we collaborated with 180 different patient organizations, supported 26 different rare disease awareness events, and provided $11 million in educational grants and more than $25.9 million in donations to U.S. healthcare-related charitable organizations.

Supporting patient and local communities

We understand that our impacts go beyond our Company and extend into the communities where we live and work. Our activities are focused on both the therapeutic and the local communities we serve.

In February of 2016, we committed $3 million over three years to SeriousFun Children’s Network. Our support will enable nearly 1,000 children, many with rare diseases, to attend SeriousFun’s transformative camps and programs free of charge.

People and Culture


Our approximately 24,000 people are fundamental to our continued success. We want to support our employees to learn and grow continuously while doing their best work.

Talent attraction and development

We strive to maintain a people-centered organization. We aim to attract the best people and invest in training and development to develop a culture that inspires, motivates, and rewards our people for performance.

In 2016, 164 employees, across nine countries and nine of 13 global functions, won a CEO Award for outstanding performance.


Employee volunteering

In October of 2016, we hosted our second annual Global Day of Service. More than one-third of our workforce donated over 25,000 hours to volunteer projects in 150 locations worldwide. Many of these projects were focused on helping children overcome disadvantages.

Sustainable Operations


At Shire, we believe there is a clear relationship between operating sustainably and being a global leader in developing breakthrough therapies. We promote sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, waste minimization, recycling, energy efficiency, and responsible product stewardship. In 2016, we diverted 66 percent of total waste from landfill.

Environmental management

Reducing our energy use not only helps conserve natural resources and reduce GHG emissions, but also improves our business performance. At our facility in Vienna, Austria, we converted to LED lighting, installed variable speed motor systems, and optimized cooling and ventilation. These efforts reduced energy use by 1,680,000 kWh and will create annualized savings of over $100,000.

Responsible sourcing

Supplier diversity is a key part of our responsible sourcing program, providing opportunities to small businesses owned by underrepresented groups. In the U.S., we spent approximately nine percent of our procurement with companies in our Supplier Diversity Program, equating to about $254 million.


Ethics and Transparency


We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. As part of this commitment, we disclosed 100% of all applicable clinical trials on public websites. This disclosure is one way we hold ourselves accountable for operating ethically and responsibly, and ensuring we are transparent with our stakeholders.

Our response to the Modern Slavery Act

In response to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we have prepared a statement outlining our policies and actions we have in place to identify and tackle the risks of modern slavery throughout our business and supply chain.

To view this statement, please visit

Clinical trial transparency

This year, we have been recognized by AllTrials as the number one pharmaceutical company for clinical disclosure. We continue to improve our dedicated clinical trials website,, providing easy access to detailed information, such as Clinical Study Reports, for patients and other stakeholders. We post 100% of all applicable clinical trials on public websites.

View all of Shire's policies here:

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