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Responsible Pricing

Shire is dedicated to developing innovative treatments for rare diseases and specialized conditions which make a meaningful difference to the lives of patients and their caregivers. Developing innovative treatments, particularly for rare diseases, is a difficult endeavor.  For every successful therapy that is brought to market, there are many failures.

We are committed to pricing our treatments in a way that is responsible and sustainable for healthcare systems around the world and also ensures we are able to develop the next generation of treatments for patients with high unmet needs.

To support decision makers, Shire generates evidence, both before and after our therapies are approved, to demonstrate the difference our treatments make to the lives of patients, their caregivers and to the health care system. We are solution-focused, actively seeking ways to engage constructively with health care providers, payers and policy makers to achieve together the best possible outcomes for patients from the resources available.  

At Shire, we never lose sight of our sharp focus on patients and our drive for high impact.  Our goal is to ensure that all patients prescribed a Shire therapy have access to it and the support they need to achieve the best possible results.  Shire has various programs to support patients along their treatment journey including charitable access. 

We believe our commitment to advancing innovation for rare diseases and specialized conditions is how we are making a significant contribution to society through the impact we have on the lives of patients, their families and caregivers.


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