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Code of Ethics

As we strive to deliver strong business results, we want to make sure we achieve those results in the right way. Our business has many complex dimensions. It is absolutely fundamental that everyone working for or on behalf of Shire understands our values, culture and policies.

Code of Ethics (PDF)

"Ours is a business with many complex dimensions, so being alert to those situations that pose an ethical question requires an understanding of our underlying values, culture and policies. While we are always striving to deliver strong business results, how we achieve those results is as, if not more, important. Our work affects people’s lives, and this immense responsibility should always be top of mind. It is for all these reasons that we must always ask ourselves, “what’s the right thing to do and what’s the right way to do it?”

While fundamentally we trust that Shire employees understand the imperative to always exercise good judgment, sometimes what is right isn’t always clear. This Code of Ethics is designed to help you understand the aspects of our business where there may be an ethical dimension, and provide help in making the right decision. Of course no code or policy can answer every question or eventuality in a business like ours, so please speak to your manager if you are in doubt as to what to do.

By following the spirit of this Code and behaving in a manner consistent with our values, we will continue to earn the trust and respect of those with whom we work, and those we serve."

Flemming Ornskov, MD



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