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An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from rare diseases — nearly one in 20 global citizens. If all of the people with a rare disease lived in one country, it would be the world’s 3rd-most populous country.**

Sharing your Rare Count makes a difference.

Select a network to find out how many people in your life could be living with a rare disease, and then share your results. It’s a simple but powerful way to raise awareness of the magnitude of rare diseases and to become a powerful champion for those living with one.

While each rare disease community is small on its own, together they make one large rare disease population of patients, families and caregivers. They all need hope. With 22,000 employees and one of the largest R&D portfolios focused across a broad spectrum of rare diseases, we are a champion for the hundreds of millions of people in the world affected by rare diseases, and the millions more with highly specialized conditions. Your commitment and support today are inspiring and we promise to never give up.

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“We work to be a trusted advisor and collaborator for Patient Advocacy Groups.”

– Peter O, Head of US Patient Advocacy
EURORDIS: Rare Diseases Europe National Organization for Rare Disorders Global Genes: Allies in Rare Disease

Building a pipeline of hope

“Through focused research and development, new therapies and drug delivery systems are being created that have the potential to improve patient experience.”

– Catherine P, Clinical Therapeutic Area Head — Medical Devices

See how Shire is committed to making more new patients' therapies a reality every day.

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*Estimated prevalence based on the globalgenes.org statistic of 350 million people worldwide could be living with a rare disease, which equates to one in 20 global citizens.

**Source: www.globalgenes.org

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