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MPS GalaForging mutually beneficial, trusting relationships is a central ingredient to patient advocacy. The Shire Patient Advocacy team and patient advocacy organizations from around the globe work together to understand and address unmet needs in the patient community.


The Patient Advocacy team collaborates with patient advocacy organizations through a variety of congresses, family meetings, and one-to-one visits to discuss respective goals for each year. Having these strategic conversations allows for identifying opportunities that satisfy each group’s mission and deliver on shared objectives. Such collaborations have led to enhanced patient services, top notch education and awareness activities, and targeted outreach projects.


The Patient Advocacy team provides information to relevant patient advocacy organizations about Shire-sponsored trails with the goal of accelerating enrollment and bringing new therapies to patients as quickly as possible. The patient advocacy team also communicates with Shire’s Patient Recruitment and Engagement team about insights gained through its relationships.


The Patient Advocacy team facilitates financial support for a number of worthy programs that are run by patient advocacy organizations. If you have questions about seeing support for a project or program, please contact a Shire Patient Advocacy team member at

For further information on Baxalta-related Global Contributions Management program, please submit your request for a contribution at

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