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Shire RM

Advanced BioHealing is now Shire Regenerative Medicine

Effective July 18th 2012, Advanced BioHealing, Inc., which was acquired by Shire in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on regenerative medicine, has changed its name to Shire Regenerative Medicine, Inc.

Shire Regenerative Medicine provides regenerative medicine solutions for people with life-altering conditions.

We aspire to harness the power of regenerative medicine to address society's unmet medical needs, and are focused on developing and delivering solutions that support the body's natural healing process.

For more information, please view our Press Release or visit our About Us section.

Our global reach

Our products are marketed in over 50 countries worldwide, and we now have offices in 29 countries. View our interactive map, and learn more
about our global reach.

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