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Investors contacts

Jeff Poulton

Chief Financial Officer
T: +1 781 482 0945

Sarah Elton-Farr

Senior Director, Investor Relations
T: +44 1256 894 157

Souheil Salah

Specialist, Investor Relations
T: +44 1256 894 160

Ben Lawrence

Deutsche Bank AG London
Winchester House
1 Great Winchester Street
London EC2N 2DB
T: +44 20 7547 4583

Peter Moorhouse

Morgan Stanley and Co International Limited
20 Cabot Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QW
T: +44 20 7677 2396

Our global reach

Our products are marketed in over 50 countries worldwide, and we now have offices in 29 countries. View our interactive map, and learn more
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