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In-licensing requirements

About Shire

  • Shire Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing company whose purpose is to enable people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives.
  • Shire’s development focus is in central nervous system disorders, gastro-intestinal, regenerative medicine, human genetic therapies and orphan diseases
  • Shire has completed nine mergers and acquisitions in eleven years
  • In-licensing and product acquisitions are a priority at Shire

Why partner with Shire?

  • Shire has an impressive and balanced portfolio of products, many of which derive from successful external collaborations
  • Shire has a sales and marketing capability in major markets throughout the world
  • Partners benefit from Shire’s excellent track record of product development and commercialisation
  • Shire retains a flexible and creative approach to collaborations
  • Shire manages its collaborations in a rapid and responsible manner through a dedicated Alliance Management group

What are Shire’s in-licensing interests?

  • Depending upon the indication, collaborations may be formed at various stages of the development process
  • Shire welcomes approaches from potential collaborators with products that match Shire’s strategic focus areas

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Our global reach

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