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Business Development

If developing new drugs is about Research and Development, finding new business opportunities for Shire is about “Search and Development.” 

One of the keys to Shire’s success so far has been the shrewd use of strategic partnerships and alliances, and an astute approach to licensing and acquisitions. 

Our Business Development team actively explore all the new opportunities open to us, and teams from across the company work together to decide which business model is the most appropriate to exploit it.  We constantly monitor new technologies and products in our therapeutic areas of current interest and identify new areas for expansion of the Shire business model.


Below we highlight the business development priorities in the product development lifecycle for our key businesses: 

  High priority
  Medium priority
  Low priority


Current Therapeutic AreasResearch & PreClinical Pre-Proof of ConceptPost-Proof of Concept Registration/ On the Market
 Rare Disease    

Shire aspires to be the partner of choice by all new and current stakeholders including patients, payors, physicians and policy makers.

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Did you know...?

We were founded in the UK in 1986 and have built our business through a number of strategic
acquisitions and
licensing transactions.