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Community Policy

A key aspect of our responsibility approach is our interaction with our communities. For Shire, we define our communities as the environments in which we work (where our offices and manufacturing plants are located) and the therapeutic community whose members include advocacy groups and other patient organizations.   Ultimately, the objective of our community activities is to strategically use our resources to provide support that results in significant impact.

Community Stakeholders and Key Focus Areas

We are very strongly driven by the desire to provide better lives for patients and to contribute positively to the health of the community. The prime stakeholder group for Shire’s community strategy is employees; it has been clearly demonstrated through employee feedback that Shire has succeeded in attracting new colleagues due to positive reactions to Shire’s community initiatives; we also know that current employees are positively motivated by Shire’s community involvement and philanthropic approach.

Other key stakeholders in our communities are patient groups and medical/healthcare education bodies as well as established not-for-profit organizations that are linked with our therapy areas of focus and related research bodies.

In addition, we recognize the value of relationship building with relevant local community and industry business groups such as chambers of commerce, local councils and business interest groups with a particular emphasis on those with a focus on pharmaceuticals.

Management of Community Programs

The Company’s Community strategy and plan of activities is led and implemented by Shire’s Corporate communications department in conjunction with HR Business Partners, Country or Site Managers and local groups of employees where relevant.  Employee volunteering activities are agreed and arranged with line managers in consultation with Human Resources.

Components of the Shire Giving Program

Shire’s corporate giving program is varied and comprehensive; it includes the following components:

  • Corporate donations - (to include both cash and in-kind giving) to local, national or international organizations that support Shire’s community and/or disease in its therapeutic focus area.
  • Volunteer opportunities - for all employees; Shire provides one fully paid day off per year to spend working for a not-for-profit organization.
  • Give As You Earn - where possible, Shire provides a payroll deduction program for its employees to enable ongoing individual donations to a charity of their choice.
  • Corporate fund-raising campaigns - are launched at both global and local levels. On these occasions, Shire invites employees to make personal one-off donations to a topical high-profile cause; the Company may agree to make a matching donation to the total raised by all employees.
  • Annual nominated charity - Shire does not send seasonal greetings cards to customers or suppliers. Instead, a group of employees at each site nominates a not-for-profit beneficiary and a one-off donation is made. This organization is then publicized via Shire’s outgoing emails during the month of December.


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