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Shire Corporate History

Our success so far stems from our single-minded determination to focus on our patients and our willingness to adapt to changing environments.

In 1986 in the UK, Shire founders forged a singular path - setting into motion a company whose people dare to believe that collaborative work and uncompromising focus can transform ideas into products that measurably change the lives of patients.

Brave Blackwhite

Within our first two years of operation, we had launched a range of supplemental calcium products for patients seeking to treat or prevent osteoporosis. Soon thereafter innovative drug development programs were under way on behalf of patients facing such challenging conditions as Alzheimer’s disease and end-stage renal failure. By 1992 Shire had embarked on the first of what would be a series of strategic acquisitions —bold ventures that fortified the product lines and underscored the wisdom of a business model focused exclusively on products sold to specialty physicians. The Shire pipeline  continues to be sustained by creative acquisitions  and innovative licensing deals. Smart commercialization strategies have ensured that the right patients and physicians have the information they need to make appropriate choices about treatment options.

Today we are a company with a portfolio of top-selling products and a promising pipeline. So naturally, we consistently attract some of the brightest talent in the industry - people who think bigger. People who see opportunity where others see obstacles. People who go to work with the expectation of making something significant happen.

With major operations in the US, UK and Switzerland, and a network of offices and distribution channels throughout Europe, South America, Canada, and the Pacific Rim, Shire employs over 5,000 people in 29 countries who continue to carry forward many of the original attributes of its founders—opportunistic thinking, transparent behavior, a deep commitment to doing what is right, and a prevailing concern for the patients and caregivers served by its well-differentiated product lines.

Our Brochure

Corporate Brochure 2014: Hand in Hand

Download our Corporate Brochure (494 Kb PDF)


It’s at the core of everything that we do at Shire. Read about our involvement in our communities, and our initiatives promoting responsibility.